2nd Youth Summit on Ageing    ADD TO CALENDAR

  On Saturday, 18th February 2017 09:00 AM

2nd Youth Summit on Ageing
participants will get:
1. Certificate, Lunch & Experience of lifetime.
The life expectancy of Bangladeshi population has increased to 70.1 years showing rapid increase of the elderly population over the years. Presently there are nearly 1 crore 30 lac older persons (60+) in Bangladesh. Considering the size of the population, scarcity of resources ageing has become a major challenge in Bangladesh. To meet this challenge, inter-generational linkage and involvement of young generation in age care and support is necessary. Some organizations help older people claim their rights, challenge discrimination, so that they can lead a dignified, secure, active and healthy life.
1. Inclusion of young people in Old Age Welfare Movement
2. Sensitize the young generation in AGEING issues
Activities of the Summit:
1. Selfie-Contest & Rally
2. Seminar, Panel Discussion, Idea Exchange
Organizer: Ageing Support Forum Bangladesh
In Collaboration with: 
ISWR, Dhaka University & SBSF, Daffodil International University.

Begum Sufia Kamal National Public Library

10 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Dhaka 1000