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  On Saturday, 25th February 2017 10:00 AM

Technology Entrepreneurship

Technology Entrepreneurship is a youth entrepreneurship program that teaches students to start and run their own tech based startup businesses. Durbin Foundation offers students the opportunity to gain crucial skills that will open up a world of possibilities. In this workshop program Students can learn steps of generating innovative ideas, product development, digital marketing strategy, self-confidence, leadership, teamwork, and a whole host of other abilities that will propel them on a pathway to success.

By the conclusion of the workshop, it is our hope that student will understand how to:
1. Motivate Students for a Tech Startup.
2. How and where to Start?
3. How to formulate ideas and finding a high-potential business opportunity.
4. How to gather resources such as talent and capital.
5. Create and verify a business model for how to sell and market an entrepreneurial idea.
6. Generalize this process to an entrepreneurial mindset of turning problems into opportunities.
7. How to develop a Mobile and Web Applications
8. How to Promote and grab the Market
Total Hour: 4.5 Hour
NB: All the trainees will receive a certificate after successfully completed the Training Program.

Bishwo Shahitto Kendro

17 Mymensing Road, Banglamotor, 1000 Dhaka, Bangladesh