Leadership Skills for Emerging Leaders

Organized by Game Changer Training and Consulting Ltd

Leadership Skills for Emerging Leaders


An engaging, involving and absorbing day-long workshop for people who are about to move into their first leadership role or who are newly appointed leaders. Delivered using experiential learning approach, the aim of the course is to develop practical skills and understanding as opposed to theory.
Ideally, participants need to have the skills and attitudes required to work effectively in teams when not in a leadership role. During the course, participants may need to lead a small team as a team leader, supervisor or first line manager and work alongside or closely with their team.

The fundamental elements of leadership required when leading a team in which each individual brings something unique and vital: direction, planning, communications, resources, encouragement etc

Fees for 1 Delegate: BDT 8700 + 15{a6157b46e012d07c60d6926cd42c432558f87ee1af4d4c384b1655c9e058374d} VAT
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22nd January 2018
#Participants are likely to:
► need to lead a small team as a team leader, supervisor or first line manager
► work alongside or closely associated with their team
► have had no or little training in leadership, but may have some experience
► are expected to move into a leadership role
► need to develop practical skills and understanding as opposed to theory.

Course Objectives
At the end of the Course participants will :
►Have renewed their understanding of what helps and hinders effective team working.

►Gain insights into the core elements of effective leadership.
►Have identified aspects of their ‘current’ attitudes, skills and behaviors that help and hinder their performance as a leader.
►Have developed and tested ideas to improve personal performance.
►Generate personal commitment to implement their learning and monitor their progress at work.

Discussion Topics (indicative) :
► Valuing and working with other’s experience and ideas
► Gaining and demonstrating Commitment to others’ ideas
► Challenging the way a group is approaching a task
► Managing changes in group membership
► Working with /as a leader
► Preparing to lead a task
► Identifying and using a team’s resources effectively
► Using a team to solve a problem and implement the solution
► Providing effective and precise verbal instruction
► Effective verbal communication
► Motivating teams to work effectively against deadlines
► Balancing personal workloads against leading a team
► Understanding standards of performance
► Coping with change and revising plans in line with progress
► Attitudes to risk-taking

Facilitator’s Profile:

Shahriar Khan
Country Manager, ADR International, Bangladesh
Managing Director, Game Changer Training and Consulting Ltd.
Associate Consultant, Crown Agents UK
Adjunct Faculty, Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Gazipur

Shahriar is leading the journey of ADR International in Bangladesh as well as leading the team at Game Changer Training and Consulting Ltd. Previously he has worked for a leading UK based consulting firm in international development for more than a decade in a number of different roles – consultant, project manager, trainer, client relationship manager, business development manager, and regional manager.

Shahriar has been delivering training regularly at Crown Agents International Training centre in London and other international locations since 2008. He has trained hundreds of participants from public sector, private sector and NGO sector from a number of countries and received excellent feedback from the training delivered.

He has strong experience of developing strategy, managing projects, including project budget and finances, and maintaining client relationships. He led a number of proposals for development projects under various donors.

Highly passionate about training and capacity building, Shahriar designed and delivered training internationally on a range of subjects and managed number of training projects for clients internationally. Clients he delivered training for include SNV World Ethiopia, African Union Commission, Society for Family Health Nigeria, Internal Security Forces, Lebanaon, National Academy for Controlling of AIDS, Nigeria, Geothermal Development Company, Kenya, Civil Service University Ethiopia, Ministry of Culture and Information, Vietnam.

He has experience of working in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Vietnam, and Yemen.

Number of Participants: Maximum 16
Price: BDT 8700 + (15{a6157b46e012d07c60d6926cd42c432558f87ee1af4d4c384b1655c9e058374d} VAT)
Refreshments: ** Morning Snacks
** Lunch
** Evening Snacks
***This course is delivered using Experiential Learning Approach, which means participants will have to get involved in activities and engage to make the most of the event. If you would rather sit back and listen to lectures then this course is not for you. ***

*** 5{a6157b46e012d07c60d6926cd42c432558f87ee1af4d4c384b1655c9e058374d} discount for online payment ***



27 Jan 2018
All Day


House No 19, Road No 96
Gulshan, Dhaka- 1212, Bangladesh

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